SYM 100 Series Battle Lantern Rechargeable Battery Conversion Kits.  Bulkhead mount with Smart Top Plate and Portable with Smart Handle.

Battle Lantern Data Sheets

Seacoast Development Group Inc. (SDG) product data sheets provide additional information on our products: lanterns and their conversion kit, LED upgrade, and rechargeable batteries. 

Data Sheets include;

Detailed name, and manufacturer and NSN ordering numbers and information;
Details of each product kit's content;
Who to contact to order the product or if you require further information.
Data sheets are saved in PDF format and require a PDF reader.
If you have any difficulties downloading, saving or printing any of the data pages, please contact Mrs. Breeze Stewart.

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LED Battle Lantern Conversion Kits for Bulkhead Mount and Portable Battle Lanterns.

Damage Control Floodlight Rechargeable Battery Conversion Kit