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A diagram of the attack on the USS Cole that resulted in the deaths of 17 American sailors.

 SYM 100.3L(W) Portable with Smart Handle

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Lessons Learned from Attack on USS Cole Lead to Development of Seacoast Development Group Inc.
LED Battle Lantern Conversion Kit

On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole was refueling in the port city of Aden, Yemen, when two suicide bombers in a small boat rammed into the side of the guided missile destroyer and detonated a powerful bom(b)  The explosion tore a massive hole mid-ship, causing 56 casualties, including 17 dead, and putting the Cole out of service for more than 2 years

The subsequent July 2002 Proceedings on Medical Lessons Learned concluded that poor and failed emergency lighting was a contributing factor to the number of casualties, and hindered the damage control response.

Investigators found that ” Standard battle lanterns provided limited light for a limited number of hours, speaking to the need for a better light source.”  The recommendation that followed was that the US Navy “…develop or purchase a battle lantern that provides more light for a longer time than the current design.” 
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Following these recommendations, SDG was invited to participate in the development of a new battle lantern component --  the LED Assembly which is available as an upgrade for both the 100 and 101 Battle Lanterns today!