Rechargeable Battery for DC Floodlight

P/N: ST-6-8.5F

Rechargeable Batteries

bulletSeacoast Development Group Inc.(SDG) rechargeable batteries are designed for long-term service life. Under normal operating conditions you can expect 3+ years of service life prior to requiring replacement.
bulletExtended service life provides savings in frequency of procurement, storage, weight, PMS man hours.
bulletSDG  rechargeable batteries are recyclable, resulting in less negative impact on the environment.
bulletThe SDG  Battle Lantern Conversion Kit requires one 6-volt rechargeable battery with a service life of approximately three years.
bulletThe Damage Control Floodlight Conversion Kit requires three 6-volt rechargeable batteries with a service life of approximately three years.
bulletFor detailed information on safety when using SDG Batteries, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets (click on link to view and print).


Rechargeable Battery for  Battle Lanterns

P/N: BLB-65S