SYM100 Series Battle Lantern Rechargeable Battery Conversion Kits

Seacoast Development Group Inc.
Conversion Kits

Some Distinguishing Features and Unique Advantages of SDG Inc. Products

The Seacoast Charger/control module uses a CYCLIC Charge.

The SDG Charger/Control Module incorporates solid state circuitry.

Hospital quality, enhanced security vent valves are employed to provide protection from explosive gas build-up.

The Red/Green LED installed in the Smart Top Plate quickly indicates the battery charge status.

SDG battery Charger/control units employ Full Encapsulation for all operational components, solid state, or current carrying switching devices.

SDG uses the safest non-sparking, Hermetically Sealed, Magnetic Reed Switch.

Polycarbonate (clear) lens seals the face of the lantern and provides impact protection for the LED Light Assembly.

SDG LED assemblies are mounted on a back-plate that will fit in place of the incandescent lamp which also acts as the pc board and heat sink for the electronic control circuitry.

The LED cluster is balanced by electronic circuitry forcing each diode to burn at the same brightness/intensity and same DC current draw.

LED cluster provides luminescence that can be adjusted for both brightness and burn time.




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