BLK-PR Battle Lantern Conversion Kit to upgrade portable lantern SYM 100.2 to Rechargeable SYM 100.3 P/N BLK-PR

SYM 100.3  Battle Lantern, Portable, Rechargeable with Smart Handle

Seacoast Development Group Inc. (SDG) portable rechargeable battle lantern models are built in accordance with the revised MILSPEC 53C;

SDG Inc Rechargeable Lanterns are maintained at FULL charge providing the greatest safety margin;

Using the incandescent lamp you can expect over 4 hours of non-diminishing light prior to auto-off for recharge;

Extended service life provides savings in frequency of battery procurement, storage, weight, PMS man hours;

SDG rechargeable batteries are recyclable, resulting in less negative impact on the environment.



SYM 100.3L(W) Battle Lantern Portable Rechargeable w/BLK-PR and LED UK4W fully installed.