BLK-1TS Battle Lantern Conversion Kit to upgrade bulkhead-mounted lantern SYM 101.2 to Rechargeable SYM 101.3  P/N BLK-ITS

SYM 101.3 Battle Lantern, Bulkhead-mount with Smart Top Plate


Seacoast Development Group Inc.(SDG) bulkhead-mount rechargeable battle lantern models are built in accordance with the revised MILSPEC 53C;

The test switch is a hermetically sealed magnetic Reed safety switch, a feature exclusive to SDG;

The conversion kit (BLK-1TS) to upgrade the bulkhead-mount battle lantern to rechargeable features a non-sparking test switch;

Damage Control Personnel, IAW MRC procedures can determine the lamp readiness with a magnetic test tool that protects the service life of the incandescent lamp;

The SDG charger/control module is unique in that all of the electronics are encapsulated in a special non-conductive, heat dissipating resin block.  This provides maximum protection against corrosive moisture or vapors and vibration or impact.

Fewer ‘hits’ on the lamp extends the life of the incandescent lamp for its targeted purpose – to protect and save lives by providing reliable non-decreasing light during a emergency or power outage;

Battle lanterns upgraded to rechargeable are maintained at FULL charge providing the greatest safety margin;

The lamp or LED assembly will operate in emergency or training situations for a period of four to seven hours with the lamp, and up to 48+ hours with the LED Assembly;

Extended service life of batteries and lamps provide significant savings in frequency of procurement, storage, weight, and PMS man hours.

Read an excellent article about SDG Battle Lantern Conversion Kits and Emergency Lighting in the Coast Guard EE&L Quarterly.


SYM 101.3 Battle Lantern Bulkhead-mount with BLK-1TS Conversion Kit fully installed used to upgrade 101.2 Bulkhead-mount Lantern to Rechargeable SYM 101.3.

Magnetic Switch Activator with Smart Top Switch comes with purchase of SYM 101.3 Conversion Kits